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Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

Shopping for plus size clothes is something that a lot of women put much thought into. However, the choice of clothes is just one aspect of your overall fashion and personal style. One thing that a lot of large women often overlook is the hairstyle they wear, which is also crucial in achieving a fantastic look.

Thankfully, there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle for plus size women. But you need to think hard about your choice of hairstyle because it can make you look a lot slimmer than you really are, whereas other hairstyles can add more pounds to your look.

Here are some tips to consider when trying to figure out what kind of hairstyle to wear:

1. A layered haircut is the safest bet for plus size women. This kind of hairstyle can hide the appearance of a double chin, or downplay it. Also, it helps to add more definition in your shoulder area so that you do not look nearly as wide as you may actually be. In addition, a layered hairstyle is also ideal for plus size women with naturally thin hair because it adds more volume. Make sure to avoid layering your hair lower than the chin line because it gives an unflattering shape to your face.

2. Color your hair. Plus size women can also sport a colored hair really well, so make sure to experiment with this look. There is no definite rules as to what color is ideal for plus size women – it is all about personal preference and what kind of style you are aiming for.

3. Go for shoulder-length hair, or longer. This helps to create the illusion of your face being longer than it actually is. The illusion of length also diverts the eye off the fullness in your lower body. This type of hairstyle is highly recommended for plus size women with round or full face shape.

4. A side part hairstyle, such as side-swept bangs, can work really well for plus size women. This hairstyle can create a face-framing effect and diagonal angle to bring more definition. It can also make your cheekbones more prominent.

If you are not sure about what hairstyle works for your size or shape, you can always seek recommendation from your hairstylist. These are experts that know how to choose hairstyles that would work for you.

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