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How Color Affects Plus Size Clothes – Finding Your Best Colors…

The long-held notion that plus size women should cover their bodies in dark, baggy garments needs to be banished. Large, dark, shapeless garments do not look attractive on anyone, and actually make you look bigger. Aside from that, sticking to monotonous garments can really have a negative effect on your confidence, and in the way people perceive you. Wearing drab outfits gives the impression that you don’t really care about your appearance, whether or not that is true. Plain and simple, there is no reason to fear wearing cute clothes or sacrificing comfort. There are a growing number of stores (many online) just for plus-size women. And guess what? It’s not all mu-mus.

Be Bold!

The fact is that one of the best things for any woman’s wardrobe is the utilization of color. Just a few splashes added to your routine will get you noticed. If you’re more conservative, you may want to stick to lighter colors because they will better reflect your personality. Of course, if you are conservative, you probably won’t be tempted by a cute shirt in fuchsia. The bolder the color or print you wear, the bolder your appearance will be. Wearing bright colors can make you appear fun, exciting, outgoing, and implies confidence.

Regardless of your color preferences, there are some basic guidelines. Obviously, head-to toe color will be overwhelming. Pick complementary colors (mix colors from the same family) to give yourself a more sophisticated look than just matching the same shades. Make sure the color flatters your skin tone. If at all possible, look at the color in natural light. If you’re shopping online, be sure to look at the all images of the garment, especially the close-ups. Take your own appearance into consideration: match your eye color with a great top, or your brown hair to a brown leather jacket or purse.

Getting Rid of the Guesswork

There are some colors that anyone can pull off. Just make sure the style of the garment is something that appeals to your individuality, and you’ll fabulous. These are the top ten:

  • Soft white
  • Medium gray
  • Blue-violet
  • Medium turquoise
  • Bright burgundy
  • Watermelon red
  • Warm pinks
  • Teal
  • Medium violet
  • Deep purple

Don’t Ditch the Dark

The problem with dark colors is that people have gotten the impression that because they are slimming, dressing head to toe in black will make you look skinny. The downfall to that theory is that you don’t end up looking as thin as you do boring. Dark colors are essential to a wardrobe, but so is having the knowledge to wear them best. Wearing pants and skirts in darker colors gives the entire body a more balanced appearance, whether you’re self-conscious about your thighs or your chest. If you have upper body issues, look for a good structured jacket in a dark color. This will allow you to wear it with several outfits, and you can layer with cute and colorful tops.

In addition to dark colors, there are several other neutral colors which should be the base of your wardrobe. Neutrals are colors like navy, brown, beige, and taupe. Some prints, especially more subtle ones are considered neutrals, although many experts now classify animal prints (zebra, snakeskin, and leopard) as neutral. Wearing too many neutrals is the same as wearing too much black: it’s boring. Dressing head to toe in one shade can be slimming because it’s an unbroken line of color, but do this cautiously. Mix things up by playing with texture or adding interesting accessories. You will be amazed on how much a great pair of heels and a strong necklace take an outfit from drab to fab.

Embrace Your New Style

It is incredibly frustrating trying to find clothes that fit and flatter, especially when you don’t have the model shape that designers believe is prevalent (it isn’t). However, there are plenty of stores now that not only sell clothing to larger women, but stylish and trendy clothing. More than ever, larger women are making themselves heard and seen in the world. There is no longer a valid reason to hide behind your baggy sweatshirt and elastic-waist jeans. You will love the feeling you get when you step out of the house knowing that you look fantastic. All women, regardless of shape, should know that style has nothing to do with size. Why not prove it?

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