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Swimwear for any occasion

The Maldives. Goa. Thailand or the Caribbean. They all sound amazing.

Think white sand, crystal clear water, and cocktails in the sun. For the lucky ones heading to one of these stunning places this year you don’t want to just throw in any old swimwear into your luggage. No, only the best swimwear for women will do.

Even if you’re just heading down to your local pool or holidaying in the UK, choose the perfect swimwear for any occasion. Here is a guide to the latest styles and trends to make you look stunning on the beach this summer.


You just can’t go wrong with this classic style. It’s perfect for the beach, pool or if you’re lucky enough … a yacht. To hit the nautical look, think stripes, stripes and then a couple more stripes. Go for classic red and white, or blue and white horizontals. It’s chic stylish and a timeless style.


Prints are hot this summer. They’re everywhere. Tops, leggings, jumpsuits; and yes swimwear. It doesn’t matter where you’re going. Even if you’re not surrounded by a tropical climate, cling to those images of gorgeous faraway places through your choice of swimwear. There’s no rule when it comes to prints. Just as long as you show it loud and proud, go for whatever you feel.  This summer it’s all about mixing and matching clashing prints, and with some brands showcasing reversible swimwear this season, the options could be endless.

Solid colours

It’s not just about busy prints this year, with block colour swimsuits also set to make an impression. Think big bold colours, with hot red, saturated orange and turquoise blue the dominant shades to catch the eye. Whatever the occasion, whatever the location; by staying bright and cheerful it’ll feel like the sun is shining whatever the weather.

Simple white

You may have seen a whole host of celebs rocking the classic white bikini in glamorous sun kissed locations the world over during winter, whilst the rest of us were keeping covered up. Even if you’re not lucky enough to feel the sun’s scorching rays on your skin this summer you can still hit the classic style notes by going for white. It’s perfect for any skin tone and ideal to match with any number of accessories.


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