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Tips for Dressing Up When You’re Thick in the Middle

Dressing up for your body shape and size is important for plus sized women because you do not want to end up exposing your least favorite parts of the body. Thus, strategic dressing should always be in your mind when you pick fashion pieces to invest in. But before you go shopping, you need to know the rules to observe when dressing up for those with a thick middle, which is quite common amongst plus sized women.

How do you categorize yourself as having a thick middle? Basically, this is when your waist, hips, and bust are about the same size. This is where the tricky part comes in. You have to dress in such a way that you not only slim down your shape in the middle part of the body, but also create a silhouette shape.

The goal here, therefore, is to create the illusion of having an hour glass shape. The simplest trick that you can get started with is to make your shoulders and hips look wider so that your middle area of the body would look smaller than it actually is. One item that you can wear is a jacket or blazer that comes with shoulder pads. Another item that you can wear is a peplum top because the fabric on the edge of the top helps to create an illusion of wider hips.

Another trick when shopping for items that you can wear to slim down a thick middle is to look at the seams and sewing. Some have details that create a visual illusion of shape, which in this case should make your waist area look smaller than it actually is. Learn to play with prints and patterns, too. However, this one will require more of an expert eye to determine if the shapes and patterns work well for your body shape.

Another great top or dress to wear is one with an empire style. This is the perfect choice of cut for plus size women with thicker middle. It quickly takes away the eyes from the midsection while the fabric that goes down from the empire cut towards your hips are looser so you see no visible signs of the wide waist.

Now that you know the tricks to dressing up for your thick middle, have fun exploring! Knowing that you know what items to wear to suit your body shape, you will gain more confidence in styling your body.

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