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Celebrities And Their Yoga Clothes

Because of its numerous benefits, yoga has gained international popularity as one of the most worthwhile hobbies and forms of exercise. Yoga has numerous physiological benefits including improvement of eye-hand coordination, increased energy level and endurance, integrated functioning of body parts and improved dexterity skills and posture. Aside from its physiological benefits, its psychological benefits are also manifold including improved attention and memory, improved mood and social skills, decreased anxiety and hostility and improvement of concentration and learning efficiency. Yoga also yields numerous biochemical benefits such as increased hemoglobin and decreased cholesterol level. Compared to other forms of exercise, yoga is seen to be one of the most beneficial and helpful to a person’s overall well-being.

What makes yoga even more interesting is it is prevalent among the very popular sectors of society – models and celebrities. Here is a rundown of a few celebrities and other popular personalities who are very vocal and expressive of their love for yoga. You can even see them in yoga clothes most of the time.

Yoga Class

A public yoga class by daveynin

Oprah Winfrey

Out of her love for yoga, she reserved a special segment in her show for yoga sessions. She has also asked celebrity yoga instructor Rodney Kee to facilitate this yoga segment. Her passion for this regimen also became contagious as she ordered her show’s staff to join yoga classes every week. When you also visit Oprah’s official website, you can also read on interesting facts regarding yoga and some personal testimonials from yoga’s loyal followers.

Camilla Belle

This alluring celebrity adores yoga because it provides her with an opportunity to tune out in the midst of the hustle and bustle in Hollywood life. Indeed, it is peace in the midst of chaos and noise. Camilla also enjoys the integration of a physical workout and meditation, a mix that you can only see in yoga.


She may be aging but her body and her physique remain as young and active as ever. Her secret is a daily 90-minute fast-paced, rigorous and disciplined encounter with Ashtanga yoga. Her daily yoga routine makes her physically fit to still handle physically-demanding shows.

Gwyneth Paltrow

If you think that tall and slender celebrities no longer need to join yoga sessions, you are definitely wrong. Yoga is for everybody regardless of age, size, ethnicity and gender. Even Gwyneth Paltrow whose body figure is considered to be one of the ideals also recognize the importance of yoga. Her love for yoga manifests in her approximately 3-hour daily yoga sessions. She also shared that yoga serves as her stress reliever, compared to other celebrities’ habit of stress eating.

Yoga for women in plus size

Yoga for women in plus size by k4dordy

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