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Miss Plump Universenet Contest

Everywhere you look whether it is a billboard, TV commercial, internet advert, an advertisement in the newspaper or even a local ad for a department store, all you see are thin models.  More often than not, women that are of plus size are not the first choice to be shown off in the media.  Because of this, many plus size women have lost their self-esteem and feel completely self-conscious about the way they look causing them to feel awful about themselves from the inside out.

Plus size women deserve to be held to the same standards as thin women.  There is nothing any more special about thin women than plus size women.  Plus size women can get the things that they want as well but their self-esteem lacks.  But what if we could do something to lift up their spirits?

Miss Plump Universenet

Miss Plump UniversenetSomeone has!  Jose Breton who is the founder of the Miss Plump Universenet.  The name may sound strange but it is because it is a plus size contest held exclusively online.  The contest was first founded back in 1997 and has seen quite some success since its launch.

The internet is a huge accessory at our fingertips to use to our advantage whether it be to promote our business or to show that plus size women have what it takes to be beautiful and confident while increasing their visibility in the media.

Fun Activities

Just like an offline beauty pageant/contest, there are activities involved because plus size women, too, have talent.  You’ll have your chance to show your talents in singing and much more.  You can choose to participate in an advertisement where you’ll replace a thin model with your body in an already-made and pre-determined advert.  You will also need to take your measurements, send them into the founder of the contest so he can have a dress of your choice made from the T’Elle Qu’Elle Collection. Once you receive the apparel, you’ll take a picture and send it to Mr. Breton and you get to keep it for yourself!  You can find more information regarding all of the activities at the following link:

What’s the Criteria for Involvement?

Miss Plump CriteriaIn order to participate in the Miss Plump Universenet Contest, you must be at least 16 years of age.  While there is no cut-off on the age limit, there is a fee for those plus size women that would like to show off their curves over the age of 40.  In addition, all candidates wishing to participate must have a BMI (body mass index) of at least 25.  Those with super tone stomachs will not be eligible to participate in the contest (minimum eligible stomach fat is pictured)

How is a Winner Selected?

When the contest begins, voting commences.  All candidates will need to get the word out about the contest to their local community, friends, family, etc. and have them come to the website and vote for them.  In addition, judges will choose their own winners of the event.  Finalists will first be chosen then dwindled down until only one winner is left to represent each country.  Then there will be a single plus size women that will win Miss Plump Universenet, the winner of the Universe.

Ready to Become a Contest Candidate?

Miss Plump Contestant 1Think you are ready to enter into this contest?  Think you have what it takes to show off your voluptuous curves and make something of yourself – gain back that self-esteem that you lost so many years ago and show everyone that you know you are just as beautiful as you ever were?  If so, send Jose Breton the following information in an e-mail:

  • Name (this is optional)
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight, measurements, clothing size (this is optional as well)
  • City and/or country where you currently reside
  • E-mail address
  • Website address (if available)
  • An explanation of why you love your curves
  • Include a maximum of ten photographs of high-quality as poor-quality pictures will be ignored – 2-photo minimum required, one headshot and one full body shot from head to toe both of which on a white background. ( as seen in the pictures to the right)

Can I Still Enter?

Miss Plump Contestant 2The contest is available for registration until March 18, 2011.  The election process will take place over the course of seven weeks in order to find one winner, which will be announced on May 6, 2011.  By April 29, 2011, the winner in each country will be announced.

So, what are you waiting for?  Show off your curves – get that text presentation written about why you love your curves, get those photos taken and sent and get involved in this online pageant.  When you win think about how great you will feel about yourself!

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